STONE: From dimensional stone to micro mosaics, Remodeling Max offers a unique array of design and color options. In addition to our standard collections, Remodeling Max can accommodate your most precise custom format or finish requirements.

TILE FLOORS: From the time honored craft of the artisan studio to the cutting edge technology of Europe and Asia, the look of ceramic tile is as diverse as it is exciting. Remodeling Max provides the average shopper and even the design professional with as many options as the imagination will allow.

WOOD: the natural look and warmth of temperate and tropical wood is reflected on our broad selection. Wood flooring add warm elegance and natural charm to the floors of your home. Get lasting appeal and a solid foundation for a number of fashionable looks for your hardwood floors.

GLASS: It shimmers, it glitters, and it glows. Glass has inspired artists and designers for centuries. Used as an accent or to fill an entire space, glass adds a luxe element to every environment. Remodeling Max's selection is among the most extensive in the industry.

CARPET: Colorful, luxurious carpet creates a warm, welcome home. And selecting any beautiful style Shaw carpet means it will stay beautiful for a long time. Protected with R2x®, a stain and soil repellent, these carpets let you enhance the comfort of your home without having to fear of every little spill.

LAMINATE: Show off classic laminate wood flooring styles and the latest technology with durable laminate flooring. Easy installation and carefree maintenance make it a smart flooring choice for busy families.


Just imagine a majestic place without any paint. Doesn't it look very dull?

Nowadays, professional painting is very important element of any place as it will increase the value of that place and give it the appeal of being updated. At the same time, the property would look more beautiful and allow its owner to enjoy the freshness and the beauty of new walls, ceiling, and cabinets.

People who need painting services but think they can do it themselves! They have to rethink that again! Although most people they think they will be saving money by doing the paint themselves, it is absolutely the contrary in most cases.

Amateur paint work may result in damaging furniture pieces, floors, cabinets, or even your property surfaces as well. If the right paint and method are not applied, you may have to redo the surfaces again and again, which will cost more money and time to accomplish. Bad paint job may also damage the texture of the walls and the ceiling, which will result in additional costs for repairs that could have been avoided.

At the end, if you paint your house by yourself it may take you weeks or even months; in addition, the quality of the final work may not be to your expectations. On the other hand, exterior work requires special tools and skills that most average people simply don't have!

It is better if you would hire us to paint you property. Because we are experts that can do the job properly and at the fastest time possible. Most importantly, meet or exceed your expectations at affordable price.

Remodeling Max doesn't only offer basic painting service, we go beyond to deliver different custom paint services such as; plaster paint, faux paint, stucco paint and much more.

So if you have a limited budget and wanting to face lift your house, painting the interior and the exterior of your house along with your cabinets might be the best way to go about it.
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