A home improvement isn't an expense, it is investment

Have you been dreaming about remodeling your home but didn't have a glue how to start or what it entails?
Well, ... may we suggest you do yourself a well deserved favor of giving us the opportunity to bring your dream to a sumptuous reality at an agreeable budget.
We will work with you right from the design concepts, through the crystallization of the actual structure and all the way to the minute details of the finished product.
Because the design is your idea, you will be thrilled to experience our team of dedicated professionals putting it all together for you efficiently, on time and on budget.
While customization is our expertise, in the final analysis a custom job is all about you, let your personality shine through your project, after all it's your investment.
Before long, you will be seated in newly annexed elegant living room by cozy fireplace others only dream about.
All you need to remember is that we are Remodeling Max the remodeling experts who maximize all resources to bring your dreams to life!
So, when shall we do lunch and talk about that dream of yours!?

We have you covered

While you ponder the next move regarding additions of any other remodeling to your home or place of business, we would be remiss not to fill you in on our range of support to you in a territory which may unfamiliar to you. Our support system includes but most certainly not limited to:
  • Assistant with design and planning
  • Professional drawings and proposals
  • Neat, courteous, reliable service
  • Time and budget conscience
  • uninterrupted project completion
  • Attention to details
  • 0 down 0 interest financing
  • Professional and insured crews
  • Two design centers with professional staff to walk you through the whole process
  • New Green product and solar energy programs, now available
  • Complete service lines that covers pretty much everything from flooring to roofing
  • No project is too small or too big
  • The most direct manufacturing and whole sale prices on all offered products

We service across the Greater Houston geographic area and beyond.
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