Why design your project in one place and have it built by another?

Simply put, you don't want your dream lost in translation.

Typically, when you want to remodel your kitchen or bath or add an addition to your home, you have to hire a designer to start putting your hopes and wishes down on the page and then take their concept to a builder and pray that builder can execute it to spec. If any problems occur, you can either trust your builder to redesign your dream kitchen or bath or you can contact your designer, work out the problem, and get another bill in the mail. This back and forth can go on for the entire build - day in, day out - and in the end, you settle for the kitchen or addition that just gets everyone out of your house.

Save money, avoid headaches, and GET WHAT YOU WANT!

At Remodeling Max, we believe the most efficient and cost-effective way to remodel your home is through the design/build approach wherein the homeowner's needs - your dreams - are met using a single point of contact. We are responsible for your project through the entire process from the moment you select Remodeling Max: from the first conceptual drawings, to determining a budget, through construction and the final punch list.

Our design team will walk you through our entire process... That's right, we have a process.

Remodeling and renovations are large investments...and worse, potential headaches for the uninitiated. That's where having a design team holding your hand through the process helps. Once you and our design team have come to a decision on how to move forward, you don't have to worry about handing your baby over to an entirely new set of hands. Everything you need done is serviced at Remodeling Max in-house. One call does it all. Talk to your neighbors who've tried remodeling the traditional way rather than the Remodeling Max Design/ Build way. They will regale you with horror story after horror story.

No fears here. our design team will:
  1. Sit down with you face to face to plan your project
  2. Research your project's needs
  3. Create a financial analysis
  4. Draw and render any sketches or drawings
  5. Recommend purchases
  6. Assist you to select materials in our design centers
  7. And turn it all over to our build team... in the same office!
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